Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wednesday's Whatever

- I've been going to yoga at LVAC on Tues & Thursday mornings. Love it.
- Last Thursday I went in for my yearly check-up at Dr. Groom's office. When I went to turn in my updated account information the lady at the front desk said that she had to compliment my attention and eye-contact. Most of the people she talks to are half-way to their chairs before she's even finished her instructions. She said it might seem like a weird compliment to pay someone but I appreciated her words.
- I tried to donate blood on Saturday but my iron was too low. The worker asked if I'd been really tired lately and I said, "yes!". But really, with four kids it's hard to tell what's making me tired. I added an iron supplement to my nighttime routine :)
- One day I asked Davis to distract Grayson for awhile so I could deal with Whitney and he exclaimed, "But I don't know how to deal with 3 year-olds!" LOL, me neither buddy!
- Grayson was saying the funniest stuff in the van the other day and we were all laughing at him. He told us to stop laughing but I told him he's just too cute. Then he said, "No I'm not! Babies are cute, not big boys!". It just made us all laugh harder :)
-We've had a crazy storm the past couple of days. As we were driving to Costco this afternoon a National Weather Advisory announcement came over the radio. My kids were fascinated with the information! It came on again awhile later and then when we got in the van after shopping Grayson requested I play it again. He said, "Mom, turn on the thing that says don't crash into the thunderstorm." Haha. And then later that night he told his dad about the warning that the storm was very "strong" and flexed his arm. So. Dang. Cute!!
- And last but not least, only 3 1/2 more months until Whitney can go to nursery! Yay! Can I get an amen!?


Emily B said...

I hate when you want to give blood and you can't. Kevin wanted me to go Saturday just so that I could get him some hockey tickets. I would've seen you there if i wasn't too lazy to go.

And yay for nursery!

Christie said...

I'll give you an amen! Counting down until March 13th here!