Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Because we don't have snow :)

My children are lovely creatures with spectacular imaginations. They are very good at playing by themselves and I must say Davis and Leah get along quite well. Today was one of those days were the children haven't been pestering you for a while and you begin to wonder "what are they doing?" Here's what they were doing:

This video cracks me up because you can hear Davis say "Leah butt doodie" and he knows he's being naughty because his dad tells him not to say butt. I personally think it's a lost cause because they always tell me I'm being naughty when I say but, like "but I want to". Also their room was perfectly clean yesterday because I had a young girl from our ward come over and help get the house clean, that's the Ariel we refer to. If only I had a before and after picture to fully illustrate their destructive powers :)


Ruth said...

Autumn, your kids crack me up. We definitely need to see them more often!

Katie said...

What fun kids! Toddler bed mattresses are way too tempting because they are so easy to move! Whenever all the cousins are at our house together they do the same thing, and for some reason also pull off all the sheets on any beds they can get their hands on. I always have to look my bedroom and the guest room. What weirdos.