Saturday, December 15, 2007

Totally Random

Life has felt kinda strange lately.
Last Sunday Davis got a stomach bug and "spit up" (as the kids like to call it) a few times. He was well by Tuesday but then Wednesday afternoon Grayson started spitting up A LOT. I wasn't worried until Thursday night when he was spitting up every time he ate and had a fever. Then I realized he was cutting all 4 of his top teeth!! Poor guy! On Friday he was miserable so I decided to give him Pedialyte. He doesn't take a bottle so I had to give it to him using a medicine dropper. He liked it a lot and what do ya know he stopped puking. The number of times I was barfed on: SEVEN.
In the past week my kids, who don't eat wheat, dairy, corn or eggs, have also been invited to 2 pizza parties. Luckily there were enough things to distract my kids: tokens, games, tickets, prizes. It was quite a challenge but I'm happy to report they didn't eat any pizza, soda or cake. It's a Christmas miracle :) Just kidding. Oh yeah, at my husband's work party they served pizza too! It was at a really delicious restaurant so it looked gourmet but I still couldn't eat it. Everyone looked at me strange when I wasn't eating so one of Jeff's bosses ordered me the salmon (turns out his wife had done a wheat-free diet before so he was really sympathetic). The salmon was so good too, cooked perfectly!!!
My kids have also been doing/saying weird things. Leah likes to pretend they're the kids from Peter Pan so she's Wendy, Davis is John and Grayson is Michael. This is all fine and dandy except Davis has been referring to himself as John all week and not just during playtime. He's way more dedicated to him alter-ego than Leah and he regularly corrects me when I call him Davis. It's actually starting to annoy me! And then yesterday Leah and I were cutting snowflakes out but then she wanted some green paper to cut some out Christmas trees. I had some green construction paper on the bookshelf and when I pulled it out she said "Oh, you're such a mom." I didn't ask her what that meant but it sounded really mature... or something. And then that night at bedtime Davis asked me to snuggle with him in his bed but then wouldn't let me because I would have to move his sippy cup to get close and he didn't want me to move his sippy cup. Quirky kids.
I'll be glad to get back to normal :)

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Katie said...

Love the sippy cup thing. Yeah, he loves you, but DON'T MOVE THE SIPPY CUP. LOL.