Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Reality Check

My friend and I were talking yesterday about the "blogging world" and how most people only post happy blogs and make positive comments on someone's page, you don't say what your really thinking. Well this is a blog about how life can be hard.

Between the difficulty of my kid's diet and having to find a good home for our beloved cat Dirt McGirt and trying to find the money to take my kids to the doctors I want I'm ready to have a melt down.

We have to get rid of our cat because Grayson's eczema isn't responding to the diet like I thought it would and our doctor thinks it might be the cat dander. It's totally breaking my heart and I'm not really sure how to properly do it, do I put an ad online or do I check in my ward first? If money was no object I would just put him in a boarding facility for a few months just in case he wasn't causing it and we want him back. But money is always a factor.

Another hard part of my kid's diet is that people think I'm crazy. Most people who have eczema just put a steroid cream on it and eat whatever they want. The problem with that is the creams don't prevent it from coming back, they just treat the symptoms not the cause. Some people think it's not fair that my kids can't eat candy and cookies but I think it's not fair to feed them something that hurts their body. I'm not sorry that I believe most ailments can be "cured" by eating the right foods. It does take discipline but they should just be thankful that the responsibility falls on me and not them. What I really want is for people to say "you're their mother and I'm sure your doing what's right for them".

O.K., rant over and actually I feel better :)


Ruth said...

Yay for rants! I totally agree about making blogs super-cheery. Part of the reason I started our blog was because I felt like I needed some way to express how much I missed my sister. It helped a lot. Now I'm more able to post cheery stuff, but I'm sure every now and then a sad post will come up or I'll share a rant with the cyber world. Do what you need to do. It's your blog.

Misty said...

I'm so sorry you have to find a new home for your kitty. Is this the same one you've had forever? I was so sad when we had to give away our bad doggies, it's really really hard. I do hope that it the kitty, so you can feel better about finding him a new home. And you rant all you need too. We've all been there- we all have our rants. Sometimes it't easier to post the good stuff because sometimes the bad stuff seems so trivial- we all worry endless about our kids, we ALL struggle with money, we all get fed up being mothers. So we all understand, and we understand the need for those Rants. Good luck with the diet. I'm not envious.

Jennifer said...

I told Danny how we feel about the over positive blogging world, but it does feel great to get all the, "oh your wonderful" comments, dosen't it? Truthfully, I do feel that you're their mother and you are doing what is best for them! If anyone tried to do the diet that you do for you're children day after day, we would all have had our breakdown forever ago! Keep up the great work, they'll appreciate it someday!

Katie said...

What is wrong with people sometimes? NO ONE needs candy. When Colin was a baby, we had a no sugar rule, and my mother-in-law kinda used to quietly pout about not being able to give him ice cream and cookies. She totally acted like we were depriving him of something he needed. To this day, when we visit and she buys groceries to prepare, she still refuses to buy skim milk for us(and she doesn't drink milk) because she says, "I just can't bring myself to buy that stuff." ?!?!?! I honestly think that people get this way because your good eating habits remind them of how undisciplined they are with their own, and it makes them uncomfortable. Even though you would NEVER ask them to adopt your habits, they don't like the contrast.
Anyway, yeah, I hear ya. Financial stress is the worst, especially when it involves your kid's health. Hope you get it all figured out.

missionarymom said...

Hey Autumn!! I saw a comment from you to Audra, so now I feel like I can talk to you! (btw, I am Linda Jeppson)

If you want me to take your cat to your mom's house for a few months (if she wants). I am in Provo and I will be going through LV sometime soon. (Sat.-Tues.depending what happens and when. My cell is 760 899-9237

Autumn said...

I'm so thankful for my friends!! You guys are so supportive!

We've had our kitty about 2 1/2 years, we've had him since he was a tiny little kitten. I know the kids will be sad to see him go but there's nothing more important to me than their health and I do consider their eczema to be a "health problem". Their doctor visits are very expensive because I go to natural health practitioners and insurance doesn't cover any of it. I I chose to go this route because Leah's pediatrician gave her 3 prescriptions for her eczema when she was 2 years old! Altering your diet does take A LOT of discipline but I know my kids are NOT deprived. I do think expressing my troubles on this blog has helped clear my head :) Thanks guys!!

PS Linda, I'll call my Mom about that and I'll let you know :)