Monday, April 21, 2008

I love these things :)

Rachel tagged me so here I go:

1. Best meal: Shredded Pork burrito with medium salsa, enchilada style and a guacamole topper from Cafe Rio. Yeah baby!

2. Best Car:
That I've never owned, The Lexus IS.

Okay so I drive a mini-van, which I love, but if I was only going to have 3 kids and we'd still fit in a sedan I'd totally get this car! Wouldn't I just look so hot in it!?! And that red is to die for. It's red but it's a mature red and that's just so me. ha ha

That I've owned, Acura TSX.
I think it's weird when people put pictures of their cars on their pages but it asked :) And it's so pretty :)

3. Best hobbie: I LOVE to play volleyball! The only thing is that it's a team sport so it's difficult finding enough people to get a really good game going. That's why Jordan's going to let me play with him and his friends this summer all the time. Right Jordan!?

4. Best vacation : Disneyland was super fun!

5. Best vacation without kids: We don't do that :( Maybe this summer.

"I can see us holding hands
Walking on the beach, our toes in the sand.
I can see us on the countryside
Sitting on the grass, laying side by side."

6. Best job: My current job, stay-at-home mom. Other than that I've never had a job I've totally loved. But if I could chose any job I'd probably be a naturopathic doctor or nutritionist.

7. Best thing to buy if money was not an issue: Since I'm looking at houses so much I see them in my sleep, I'd have to say my dream home (which is what Rachel said too, ahhh BFF :). Here's a good one, follow the link for pictures of the inside, but seriously we don't have that kind of money.

8. Best age growing up: Being 17 rocked!! I was a senior in high school, I had my own car, school was easy, I played varsity volleyball and basketball, my friends knew how to have fun. Good times.

9. Best toys when I was a kid: The only toys I remember from childhood were Cabbage Patch Kids. I don't get really attached to "things" so they're easily forgotten.

10. Best date before I was married : Senior Prom, I loves me some dancing :)

I tag: Keri, Misty, Jana and Jocie

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Jennifer said...

That house is pretty. I awesome this is the one you have been told me about. Looking at houses is so much fun. Buying one would be much more fun!