Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mr. Pibb + Red Vines = Crazy Delicious

The title's just the beginning of the randomness.

My sister came to visit on the 7th and I didn't even blog about it! Here's the 10 days in a nutshell: laughing, eating, chasing around a lot of small children, exiling detergent and washing things with traditional soaps, looking at houses, watching Gavin Degraw put other artist's live shows to shame, hearing ourselves cheering for Gavin on YouTube. I miss her a lot.

Davis is the middle child right now and he kinda fits the bill. He likes writing on things with markers...mostly his face. Remember when he gave himself a mustache? Well, the other day he had drawn on his face and when I confronted him he said an ogre had cut him, "yeah mom they're ogre cuts". When I tried to explain that there aren't ogres in our house because I lock them out he said "they have big muscles and can break the doors". Well, before there were ogres doing naughty things there were bad guys. One bad guy had cut chunks out of Davis' hair!!! Not Davis, a bad guy. Good thing he looks so cute with a buzz cut.

We buzzed Grayson's hair too and now it's blond!

Jana posted about Anne Taintor who adds sayings to vintage pics. This one is my favorite:

Gossip Girl last night did not disappoint. I know it's a stupid show but it's the only show I got into this season so I'm sticking by it.

Today the kids were outside eating their Popsicles and when I walked out Davis informed me "Leah's pretending she's at the temple and I'm pretending I'm going to go get a massage." ha ha

Last but not least, I am now anxiously awaiting the Twilight movie. Only because they keep posting behind the scenes clips on MTV.com and they're good. "When you can live forever what do you live for?" I mean come on, that's a fantastic tag line. And Robert Pattinson is the perfect Edward. He really has no idea how celebrity he's going to be after this. Poor guy.


Sandi said...

I had to comment because #1: you watch Gossip Girl (my absolute guilty pleasure), and #2: you are as blown away by the MTV Twilight teasers as I am. Rob IS a perfect Edward and is going to melt the movie screen. It's always awesome to find out someone is as into the same silly things you are!

Jeff and Jana said...

By "fitting the bill as a middle child" you mean that he's perfect, right? Because we middle children are perfectly perfect peacemakers!

Becky said...

Hello there lady!!! How the heck are you???!!! We are good over here. Thanks for stopping by the blog. I am so happy we can keep in touch now!

Sandi said...

I'm glad we can be blogging friends too. I had heard so much about you from mutual friends from Blythe (aka Troy Peeps Peterson, the Jeppson girls, other people in the ward) that when I found your blog from Katie's I secretly felt cool for reading it. That's a bit stalker-ish, right? It's a small world!

Trent said...

I hate it when ogres break in our house and cut me up. I'm thinking about packing some heat. You know, the ogre-hunting kind.

rachel said...

I love davis, he is one of my favorite kids. I miss hearing about your adventures. I wanna have some fun craziness. Hopefully this summer if Rami's jobs pan out.