Monday, February 23, 2009

"We are a happy family"

-Children's Songbook p. 198

We try to do FHE regularly but we're really not that consistent :( Things are getting better now that Leah's old enough to tell that it's Monday...she keeps up in check :) Here's our style of FHE:

Grayson finally learned to shut his eyes during the prayer:
This is Grayson peeking during the prayer:
Of course Jeff and I saw him doing it and, even though it was setting a bad example, we couldn't stop was too funny!

The "activity" and "treat" aka Twister and Nerds:
This is Davis telling us what he learned at preschool that day:

Sorry it's so dark, I can't really tell you enough how technologically challenged I am!

The End.

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