Monday, August 10, 2009

The day my water broke...

Saturday, August 1st was a busy day. I knew Misty was going to come into town some time in the early afternoon. We tried our best to clean, it was still a mess when she got here, but we tried! My kids wanted to take Abby to Chuck E. Cheese's so when they got here around noon we sprung it on them, and they graciously obliged :) It took us awhile to get ready and in the meantime I realized my mucus plug had come out. Ohhh, a sign of labor!

We went to In-n-Out Burger to eat... because Chuck E. Cheese's pizza is NOT good... and then we spent an hour or so at the pizza place spending the left-over tokens I'd had kicking around. Grayson had stayed home with dad so the big kids just ran around having fun. Leah and Abby even held hands since they are "best friends" according to them :) To say that I was having labor pains during this time would be an over-statement. I will say I could tell something was happening.

Pretty late in the evening I remembered a 30% off coupon I had for Old Navy that expired on Sunday so I insisted on going. I needed to buy Leah some school uniforms since her new school is starting them this year and I ended up getting an awesome deal. So awesome I wish I'd bought more, lots more. Anyways, it was just Misty & I with baby Grace, after Old Navy we needed to do some grocery shopping but on the way we stopped at Tropical Smoothie :) So we get our groceries and I remember I need apples too and we meander on back...

my water breaks right there in the produce section!

If I'd been wearing a dress, which I had the entire week prior to this day, it would have been messy. Luckily I'd opted for jeans that day so it just looked like I'd peed my pants, ha ha. Misty's water had broken with her first baby so she was very empathetic :) I went out to the car while Misty paid.

This was for two reasons:

  1. I couldn't wait to tell Jeff!!

  2. It looked like I'd peed my pants, how embarrassing!

In retrospect it was a very busy day.

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Jana said...

Ah...every pregnant woman's nightmare! I keep thinking about that lately...sitting in church I was like, hmm, what if my water broke right now? Would we just...leave with me dripping? I bet Jeff would go get some paper towels to clean it up...