Friday, August 21, 2009

'It's the morning of your very first day"

-"Fifteen" by Taylor Swift

Leah started first grade at a new school! It's quite different from her old school. It's year round and has uniforms. She looks so cute every morning!
Leah wanted to take a picture of herself... apparently she's secretly a pirate ;)
I was afraid she would think the full day of school was too much. I think I may have been a little too dramatic when I explained it was "all day" this year because when I picked Leah up on the first day she got in the van and said, "It's not ALL day Mom it's not even dark outside!". Way to be positive Leah :)

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Jana said...

That would be so nice to have uniforms... AND I think I'd be a fan of year-round school so they don't forget everything and drive you crazy in the summer! She's like Emma, her legs look so long!
And she looks like Jeff in her pirate picture!!