Friday, August 21, 2009

"I wanna remember this"

- Linda Davis
*Ah, the song lyric titles are back! I feel like me again ;)

These are the random things I want to remember forever:

She weighed 8lbs 11 oz and was 19 inches long.

When I came home from the hospital Davis said to me, "Your belly still looks big. What's in there?" Ummmm...

The first night Whitney was home from the hospital she wouldn't sleep unless I snuggled her in my arms. So cute!

A stranger was admiring Whitney in a store and Davis proudly said, "She sneezed and farted and the same time!". Ha ha, it's probably not something she wants him to tell people but I think he thought she was just really talented... and FYI it was true :)

Whitney was taking a nap on my bed and Davis "shared" his toys with her.
1 week old.

The kids were hanging out with my parents when we moved out of the small house, they never saw it empty and haven't been back since. We're staying at their grandparent's house right now so I have a question: When the kids say they want to go home where are they talking about!?

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Jana said...

She IS talented to sneeze and fart at the same time! Emma brags about how Blake can cross his eyes.