Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I haven't had any energy to blog. I've had a hectic few weeks and keep forgetting I'm still in my postpartum "recovery" stage. I was actually surprised at how quickly my energy was depleted while I was packing. My sister kept having to remind me to take breaks and make sure to eat. I am a nursing mother after all.

Anyways, Whitney is a lovely baby. She eats, sleeps and poops amazingly :) She's spent the past two weeks in her car-seat going to Home Depot a few times a day. Meema and Papa Bryan came into town for the weekend and Amber was here as well with her two boys. It was crazy coordinating all those people but it worked out great.

Most things witht this house purchase have taken A LOT longer than projected. And most of it isn't our fault at all. It's a lesson in patience :) The lasted drama is that the flooring we ordered didn't come in when expected. I guess you could say it was backordered but nobody knew it. We paid for it, the distribution company ordered it, and then it never came in! Long story short we had to move out of our little house to accomodate the renters, but our new house isn't move-in ready... so, we're living at Jeff's parents house. Most of our possesions are at the new house in the garage so Jeff sleeps there to protect it. It's kinda crazy I guess.

I'd upload pictures but EVERYTHING is packed! I can't even find the charger for my cell phone so if you've tried to call me that's why it goes straight to voicemail.

Hopefully we'll be in by next week since school starts on Monday!

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Jocie said...

Good luck Autumn! moving and packing always stink. we decided that if we dont sell by oct then we will just stay until next year and try again. I am waay too likely to over exert myself while very pregnant. I can't complain, cuz I know I would.