Monday, January 11, 2010

"A day in the life"

- The Beatles

Fancy Nancy birthday fun:
fancy tutu
made by me!
fancy bouquet of flowers
cupcake tower
after they were mostly eaten, haha
this is some of them, I didn't get a picture of the whole group
fingernail painting
cute baby James
saucy toddlers and streamers
Leah was so cute celebrating her birthday.
I don't like shopping and Leah usually quickly tires of it
but us shopping together for decorations was trouble, haha.
And then she went on her annual trip to the mall with Grandma Cindy and was gone for

3 hours!

Love her!
Have I mentioned that before!? ;)

Um, her party was a few days ago and some of the streamers are still up!
They're just so festive I kinda wanna keep them.
Jeff said their our own "color splash".
Haha, inside joke.

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