Monday, January 25, 2010

Saturday was a crazy day of shopping!

I start posts and then don't post them. I'm so lame.

How many stores can take a 2 year old shopping in before they drive you crazy: 1/2
How many stores can you take your other THREE children to: 8... and I'm still not crazy!

On Saturday Whitney, Davis, Leah and I went to Barnes & Noble, JoAnns, In-N-Out Burger, Target, Office Depot, Hancock Fabrics, Trader Joes and Whole Foods.
Ok, we didn't go into In-N-Out but there was some annoying teasing going on in the back with Davis saying In-N-Out Booger and Leah correcting him over... and over... and over!

I told Jeff the fact that I could actually be out this long is a testament to how good a baby Whitney is. She was in her car seat the ENTIRE time except the TWO times I fed her and the ONE time I changed her diaper.
I said she was a good baby I didn't say she wasn't neglected that day!
Jeff said that it's probably more of a testament to the fact that once you've taken Grayson to the store ANYTHING is easier.
That's probably a little true too :)

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