Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Don't panic"

- Coldplay
New Year's weekend was BUSY for us. We usually do nothing. Well, usually we're at home and I'm staying up for the new year while Jeff is snoozing in the bed :) But we actually went to a party this year! And our WHOLE family was up at midnight! It was fun :)
And then on New Year's day Keith and Janae had a family party at their house.
And then the day after New Year's we went rappelling with Jeff's cousin Josh and his family and friends.
So fun!
The kids went down tethered to their dad. Even Leah did it!


Jana said...

I am amazed that Leah was so brave!! Good job girlie!
And I love the plethora of thumbs-ups pictures in this and the next post! ha!

Autumn said...

She DID cry at home before we left and whined a lot when we told her it was her turn but after seeing how the other kids did it she wasn't scared. It was a WONDERFUL change!!

Yes, Davis is more than willing to give us a thumbs up and I LOVE it with all my heart!