Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Jeff and Grayson are BFF.

Ever since the bedrest incident Jeff has taken it upon himself to tend to Grayson's "extra" needs...and that's not an easy task. The bathing, lotioning, clothing and midnight scratching can be exhausting! And I know because it exhausted me for the last year and a half. Okay, that sounded a little saucy but really, I was exhausted. But now Jeff does it and it's wonderful!!!

And Gray's eczema is doing marvelous. He definitely STILL has it but he doesn't scratch it much during the day and he usually wakes up in the night just to have us get him a drink of water or go to the bathroom (which he still doesn't do by himself and if you don't get to him in time will result in peed in PJ's, TMI?). He's kinda sleeping through the night too...he doesn't always wake up, he just usually wakes up.

One time Jeff did say, "I can't wait until you can get up with Grayson again". To which I just laughed and corrected, "You mean you can't wait until he stops getting up in the night because you will always be his nighttime BFF. You do it so well." :)

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