Thursday, July 15, 2010

Excuse me!?

Yesterday I had one of those conversations with an absolute stranger that got me kinda upset:
Stranger: You have three kids?
Me: I have four.
Stranger: Haven't you figured out the biology of that yet?

Excuse me!? I wanted to tell her to mind her own business but I said, "Actually, I got my degree in biology and I wanted four kids." Which, I guess, was kinda the same thing. I think she was just trying to be funny but she said it in front of Leah, mama no likey.

What is WRONG with having four kids!? Especially when they provide such high quality entertainment as demonstrated by Davis in this video clip:

My kids are super cute...
I'm pretty sure Jeff and I owe it to the world to make four MORE ;)


Jana said...

Some people are such IDIOTS!!! And it is SO weird to me that people think 4 is a ton of kids! When I had Blake people started asking me if I was done, I guess because I have one of each now. DONE? Are you kidding me? I'm gonna have like ten more if I darn well feel like it!

MichellePClark said...

this video just made my day. i loved it SO MUCH!

Elizabeth said...

Davis is HUGE. He and William should have a dance party and they can robot together. We can't wait to see you guys in a few days.

Anonymous said...

Yes Autumn, Parents like you & Jeff should have 4 more!! They are SUPER CUTE! & Super Smart!!
Love You Guys,
Mom & Dad