Sunday, July 18, 2010

Saturday lake trip, yeah baby!!

It was my first time in two years so it was awesome. We couldn't get the boat to start right away and it was HOT but it was still fun. We invited the Shumway family and the kids got along great. Not to mention the awesome parents :)

Grayson woke up that morning with a runny nose/cough so Rod offered to take him for the day. We took Whitney and she was awesome despite the sweltering heat and smothering life jacket.

Kneeboarding was a hit with all the kids. I asked Zac to give me a silly face before he jumped in the water to kneeboard and he did not disappoint :) When he was boarding we couldn't tell if he was enjoying himself or completely terrified. It was awesome!

Davis was awesome on the kneeboard too. He slipped off the board the first time taking off and didn't let go of the rope! That's him being drug through the water in the video. The kids and I have watched it a million times, it's hilarious! Leah, Ben and Luke did it no problem too but was driving the boat for most of their runs so I don't have any pictures of them.

Leah was the flag girl for most of the day and some of the kids got to drive the boat for a minute on the way in. This is a picture of Luke getting his turn.

The kids were exhausted by the time we got back to the van and Davis was asleep within minutes driving home. Man, I didn't know his neck was that flexible! Jeff and I were laughing that it's almost tradition for him to fall asleep in some crazy position and get his picture taken LOL. Leah fell asleep too but insists she was just resting. Whatever girlfriend, mama has proof :)

It's A LOT of work getting out to the lake but completely my idea of a good time if you know what I mean.
HUGE shout-out to Rod for watching Grayson and encouraging us use the boat!!! Thank you!!!
And thanks to the Shumways for braving the heat to accompany us and not complaining when there was a good chance we wouldn't ever leave the dock. And Janet, I forgive you for thinking I was older. You and I will always be 21 ;)


janet said...

Whitney was a ROCK STAR baby. I couldn't believe how good she was.

I am pretty sure Aaron and I had just gotten out of the water before that picture, but we could have been that wet from sweat. It was so bloody hot! Thanks... we had such a great time.

Jennifer said...

We are sad we missed it! Looks like everyone had a great time! We would love to go with you guys sometime!