Friday, July 2, 2010

An impromtu date to see Eclipse kinda took away the pain of applying for passports. LOVED it! It seems the Twilight films are progressively getting better :)

Random thoughts:
1. Favorite one so far, it is my favorite book of the series but the acting and directing were just better.
2. Bella's hair (the wig) was good for me but Edward's hair was awful. I LOVED it in the other movies but this time it was too curly or something.
3. Edward looked like he had gained weight, in a good way.
4. Edward was happier. A lot more like the Edward from the book for me.
5. There were a few changes from the book that made Bella seem less annoying so that was good.
6. The only thing I really missed from the book was when she actually cries over Jacob. In the book she's REALLY depressed about everything and in the movie she didn't even shed a single tear.
7. It was super funny. Loved the script.

Side note...
This is super funny too:

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