Thursday, July 1, 2010

Passport Pain

Getting passports for the kids was such a pain! It took forever, required an obnoxious amount of paperwork and cost a scrillion dollars. All so we can travel to MEXICO!

Here's a partial list of "the hoops":
1. Jeff had to be there to sign in person (or have a notarized paper stating his consent) so we had to work it into his completely full schedule.
2. The online resource said the were no Saturday hours and then the sign at the post office had Saturday hours for the passport desk listed. Make up your mind people.
4. The worker at CVS said Leah couldn't wear a white shirt in her picture but instead of going home and changing I had her take the picture anyways. They accepted it just fine and the passport officer never said anything about it. The passport picture taking at CVS is quite sketchy but sooo much cheaper.
5. Mostly because I've become completely disorganized in the past year I couldn't find Leah or Davis' birth certificates anywhere! There were in a folder that I suspected Leah had taken to put other papers in, but I just couldn't find it anywhere. I even gave up and drove down to the So. NV Health offices to get new ones only to realize Leah was born in UT so we HAD to find them. When we got home I kinda lost my temper, made the big kids look all through their stuff and I told them they couldn't stop looking until we found them. A few minutes later Leah comes out with them, yay! I cannot stand being disorganized!!
6. And then there is always the question of whether or not they'll come in time for our trip. If we don't have them we'll be able to go enjoy the beach house just fine but who knows if they'll let us back into the good old USofA. Only time will tell.

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middleagedcrazywoman said...

Hmmm.. I don't know if I could find my kid's birth certificates even if I tried. Hmm... I hope you have a great trip!