Wednesday, February 13, 2008

From the Mouth of Babes

My favorite thing to document is the funny things kids say. Sometimes we refer to them as the quote of the day :)

On Saturday (the day of my triathlon):
All of my children have good lungs which they prove by crying at a decibel only dogs can hear :) Bill had baby Gray while I was at the rec center and after Gray's nap Bill tried to set him down to play with Cash. As Grayson protested by screaming his head off Cash, while plugging his ears, said "I think Leah taught him how to cry."

On Monday for Family Home Evening:
We were playing a board game Jeff's mom made. One of the squares says "Tell someone nearby you love them" so Davis turns to me and says "I love them." :)

Words that rhyme with truck:
Leah and I have been working on rhyming words. She's getting pretty good so awhile ago she wanted to show her dad. Jeff, either not thinking or being funny, said "Name words that rhyme with truck". To which she did, even the one starting with F! She didn't know she'd say something bad so we just ignored it. I did realize that my kids don't really hear swear words enough to repeat them and have to be "informed" about them. To them the f-bomb is really just a word that rhymes with truck, oh to be young again :)


Misty said...

Abby's not that good at ryming words yet. And I'm not going to test that one right away either. When I was helping Julie with them she rhymed the magic 4 letter word with duck.

Ruth said...

He he. All those are too funny.