Friday, February 29, 2008

The week in review

This was a pretty good week :)

We found out that Grayson is allergic to peanuts so hopefully we can get his eczema under control.

Davis and Leah went to the dentist and were great! There was a time when Leah would freak out and cry but now she loves it. Davis has always loved the dentist. Dr Galea was so impressed with him he couldn't stop complementing him after the visit. My kids just love getting new toothbrushes and cheapy toys :)

Last night we took the kids to eat at Macayos and found out that Leah's a borderline Mexican :) She chose to forgo her fork and eat her beans and rice with chips - which is, to me, the equivalent of eating Chinese food with chopsticks :)

Grayson has perfected what I like to call his "Mowgli" crawl. I think the tile's hard on his knees.
In this picture he's just crawled out of his pants :)

The weather is perfect!!!
The kids and I went out in the back yard in our swimsuits and played in the sun, it was marvelous!!!


Crystal said...

Ahhh! I am jealous that you have swimsuit weather! It is nice in CO, but not warm enough for swimsuits!

Misty said...

We only have 12 inches of snow here? Are you sure you still want to come? Good news on Grayson, I hope you can get his poor skin under control, and I love that Leah's a borderline Mexican, that just made me laugh so much!

Misty said...
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Kadee said...

Gray looks a heck of a lot like his daddy in that picture! What a cutie! I miss them so much, make sure they know that their favorite Aunt Kadee misses and loves them to pieces!

Katie said...

That's great that you found out about his allergy. Yum..Mexican. Charlotte is so low on good mexican food.