Saturday, December 12, 2009

"We wish you a merry Christmas"

-Weezer, yes Weezer made a Christmas album, who knew!?

For FHE we decorated our tree. Last year I remember just letting them put any Christmasy decoration they could find on but this year I sorta wanted to not mix clashing colors. When we were done Leah and Davis agreed it's not as pretty as last year's, haha.

We drove the kids around to look at Christmas lights and it was a big hit. Leah said "I just can't stop smiling" :)

Tonight I was shopping late at Smith's. When I walked outside I was greeted by the cutest little snow fall. The lights of the parking lot were illuminating every single tiny snowflake. I had a short-sleeve shirt on and was barely cold. I tilted my face up to enjoy the crisp air and feel the flakes on my cheeks. Another passerby asked, "You like the snow huh?". Um, not usually... but tonight it was just right.

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