Friday, December 18, 2009

Grayson: "I have to go potty"
Me: "Go to the bathroom, take your pants off, and go potty."
Grayson: "I need you to hold me."
Me: "No, you can do it all yourself."
Grayson: "You want to hold me."

I just started reading NieNie's blog so I guess I should just be thankful that I can hold him. I really am trying my hardest not to get frustrated that he won't go to the potty all by himself. Last night he peed after he got out of the shower... while he was still naked. I mean come on! Whatever, I still love him (and Jeff cleaned it up).


Jana said...

Whoa, he was totally using the force on you.

Autumn said...

Haha, my response to him way "Don't Jedi mind trick me boy!". But I did go pick him up so I guess it kinda worked ;)

Ruth said...

Your kids say the funniest things!!