Sunday, December 13, 2009

"These precious delusions in my head did not let me down when I was a kid"

-"Precious Delusions" by Alanis Morrisette

Meema and Papa were in Las Vegas this weekend. They stayed in their time-share condo. They came over in the evening after shopping at Cowboy Christmas all day.

Me: "Davis was wondering when you guys would get here. He kept saying, 'I don't think they're coming, I think they lied. They're not coming to visit us.'"
Meema: "Did you tell him that?"
Me: "Did I tell him what?"
Meema: "That we were coming to visit you guys."
Me: "Yes. You did come to visit us right?"
Papa: "Absolutely!"
Meema says nothing.

I think Meema was mostly interested in the shopping haha. It was still a fun time for the kids. Papa played light-sabers with Davis.
Male bonding.

After breakfast at my house my parents wanted to go back to Cowboy Christmas. I guess you can't see it all in one day. My kids were sad they were leaving so I asked if Leah and Davis could go with them. They agreed and decided on an early dinner at my house and Meema wanted to take the kids to Sunset Park for their Christmas light display.

Here's what transpired later that day at 4:30 pm:
Meema: on the phone "Do you want me to get In-n-Out for dinner?"
Me: "I have to worry about what Grayson eats, I don't want you guys to be eating it in front of him. I planned on cooking dinner for everyone, I have everything."
Meema: "What's for dinner?"
Me: "I have chicken ready to cook."
Meema: "You haven't started yet? We're really hungry."
Me: "You're far enough away that it will be ready when you get here." (It's a 30-40 minute drive with traffic)
Meema: "Ok, we're really hungry, like starving."
Me: "Then come. I'll have food."
Meema: "Ok, bye."

An hour and a half later they show up.

Me: "Did you guys make a stop?"
Meema: "Yeah, we stopped at the condo, I had to go to the bathroom."

I notice nobody's hungry and find out later from my dad that they stopped at In-n-Out and got hamburgers and shakes. Apparently honesty is over-rated to Meema. Thanks guys, I feel soooo appreciated!

Meema: after dinner "Bryan, let's go so we can do those things we talked about."
Me: "Are you still planning on taking the kids through Sunset Park?"

Meema: "They're tired, you can take them anytime you want."


Number of home cooked meals eaten at my house: 2
Number of dishes washed: 0

Serenity now!


Autumn Wilkins said...

lol!! It's nice to know I'm not the only one whose parents do this sort of thing.

Anonymous said...

I tought we had a good time ! Now we kinda got our feelings hurt

Autumn said...

Sorry Dad, this is an accurate account of what happened.

I rushed around the kitchen getting dinner ready for my "starving" family only for them to eat out. That's not nice. It seems like you guys were trying to hurt MY feelings.

And you guys didn't wash any of the dishes Saturday night because you wanted to go watch the rodeo. The crazy thing is I don't expect you to wash dishes, it's just Thanksgiving weekend when the roles were reversed mom wouldn't stop hounding me to wash HER dishes.

With that having been said, I am appreciative you came so my kids can know you guys. They have fun playing and eating out and getting candy and just "getting whatever they want" :)