Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I made the first year of my blog into a book. It's totally epic! I did most of it while I was on bedrest but I had to put the finishing touches on it recently. One night I was working on it and Davis asked, "Are you finished putting your blog on your Facebook yet?" Haha. Not entirely correct Davis but good try :)

I had a great time doing it too. It was awesome re-reading all the things we did and seeing how cute my kids were when they were a little bit littler. 2008 was a hard year for me though and some of the posts brought back so many strong memories. It was hard reliving those days. Sometimes it boggles my mind what I've experienced in my short little life, the good and the bad. One thing I've learned is that motherhood keeps me on my toes... and yet at the same time seems to turn my brain to mush :)


Autumn Wilkins said...

I've thought about eventually doing this. Not sure how I want to go about it though. I think I'd like a real hard cover book, but more than that I just don't know. How did you decide to do yours?

Autumn said...

I used Blurb.com. You pretty much just download their BookSmart program, design the pages with text and picture boxes, and then have them print it. It looks amazing! I got both a hardback and a softback and they're both top quality! It took me FOREVER but completely worth it. One thing was their program doesn't "upload" the comments which I would have preferred. They might add that in the future though. I know they are always trying to improve their software. They released a newer version of the program while I was working on my book and the changes they had made did make it much easier. I'm planning on doing 2009 as well and going through Blurb again. Good luck!