Wednesday, December 30, 2009

"It's Christmastime in the city"

-"Silver Bells"

We had a lovely Christmas. So many wonderful traditions. We alternate years so it was our year to spend with the Leavitt side.

Christmas eve consisted of the traditional white elephant gift exchange, playing Skittles and hilarious nativity re-enactment. We didn't get home until 10 pm!

We took the camera but didn't take any pictures...
and then forgot to take the camera home so we don't have any pictures of us opening presents Christmas morning either! We're such picture taking failures but at least our gift giving was successful! The kids were very pleased with ALL their presents.

The kids tried to throw Santa for a loop this year. Towards the end of the month Davis started telling people Santa was going to bring him an EZ Bake Oven. What!? His previous list consisted of a bow-and-arrow, microscope and toy gun. And then Leah specified the Barbie she wants is a wedding Barbie, uhhh not Gabriela Montez? Dang.

By some Christmas miracle Santa was able to find BOTH presents the day before Christmas eve!
It's a good thing nobody shops at K-Mart, haha.

The Chrismas day festivities were great too. Poor Grayson didn't even wake up for a whole HOUR after the big kids. We thought he'd hear the noise and get up (and I was not about to wake him up, that kid is grumpy enough as it is!). Anyways, he eventually did get up and was just as excited with his presents as if he'd been there for all the opening.

Mom and Dad got the kids a trampoline and really deserve a medal for putting it up in the freezing cold. The kids also informed us they had seen the box in the garage so they knew they were getting one but I told them we wanted to surprise them with putting it up and they were sufficiently surprised to make all the effort worth it :)

We then went over to Rod & Cindy's for the family gift exchange and the traditional breakfast of waffles with an assortment of pork products :) Davis DID NOT want to wear his Christmas PJ's but I made him (so I could get a picture dang it!). There was much emotion involved, but it didn't totally ruin his Christmas ;)
He did however kinda ruin our family picture.
There were two taken:

Take your pick.
At least some of us look quite adorable :)


Jennifer said...

Bummer no cammera on Christmas! I forgot mine when I went to CA I hate when I do that. Anyway at least you got the traditional pj pictures. Max has almost those same ones from a couple of years back.
P.S. I think both pics. are cute!

Jana said...

You DO look adorable in those pictures, Autumn!!
Oh, and I've heard so many stories of tricky kids changing their Santa requests last-minute this year!!!