Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Whitney turned 1 year old!
I CANNOT even believe it!
What did I do with the last year of my life!?!
I'm not exactly sure but here is the result of my actions. A nice, plump one-year-old who can stand up but hardly takes a step:

She prefers to stand up on my bed. I think it's because when she plops down it doesn't hurt her bum :)

The day was pretty uneventful. I kept up with tradition and weaned her so we both were kinda grumpy and wanted to stay inside. When Leah got home from school I decided we should try and leave the house, maybe do something fun. When I put her in her carseat Whitney started fussing and Leah said, "Oh, how sad. She's crying on her birthday." Which just made me laugh. Whitney really is just such a wonderful addition to our family and as Leah and I always say we're just so lucky to have her!


Anonymous said...

Thank you Autie for posting her standing up... Your kids are SOOO cute! Happy Birthday Whitney Sue!!!
Love you so much,

Ruth said...

What?! How is she a year old? She's one cute girl!