Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The good news...

My birthday week was great. Jeff and I went to our third annual birthday sushi and then saw Salt at the Red Rock. The sushi was great! And the movie was good. I love Angelina Jolie, she plays an awesome CIA agent but I felt like I'd seen that movie before.

Apparently my love language has come to revolve around peanut butter. I didn't eat PB the whole time I was pregnant and nursing so I've been enjoying my fair share since last week. Jeff even brought home a Reese's cheesecake home from The Cheesecake Factory on Monday :) Sweetest thing ever!

Leah's FINALLY out of school!!! It's good to have her home :)

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Emily B said...

You probably DID see Salt back in the day when it was called The Fugitive. Your kids have some serious health issues, Autumn. You are such a good mom to them.