Saturday, August 14, 2010

Little Miss Chatty

Another super long video for the grandparents. Whitney talks quite a bit. She doesn't always say things on command but she has started to say things like uh-oh so clear and at the right time.

at :18 she kinda says Leah, she says this a lot better usually
at :37 she says mama
at :50 she says baby, this is one she usually says so clear and when she sees a baby doll, it's really cute!
at :55 she laughs at our peak-a-boos a couple times
at 1:21 she covers her eye for peak-a-boo and says boo
at 1:30 she says actually says "p-boo" which is what she normally says
at 1:37 she says Davis
at 1:41 she kinda says Grayson, she's never actually said Grayson I just thought I'd ask her and see what she says, she at least made some sounds instead of giving me the stare haha
at 2:04 she kinda says dada, she says this one a lot clearer usually
at 2:20 when I ask her to say uh-oh she only looks down for what dropped, she usually says this one clear as a bell and at the appropriate times
at 3:10 is a failed attempt to get her to kiss Leah, she does actually give kisses usually
at 4:25 she shows her willingness to spit anything out into your hand if you ask her, she has always done this!
at 4:34 she does the beloved tongue spit

The kids and I were watching this video and when Whitney started spitting Davis was laughing hysterically. When it was over he said, "That video got really funny at the end." Love him.

Whitney has been definitely been teething lately. She had a large purple, swollen spot on her gums (an eruption hematoma according to the pediatric dentist) and a bottom tooth broke through a few days after which was probably what was causing that high fever. You can tell in this video she's still kinda cranky and wanting to bite stuff. She's still our little "Chompers".


Jocie said...

That is too funny! She is so cute!

Autumn said...

What!? Did you watch the whole video? She IS so cute but I mean the video is FOUR minutes long!

Anonymous said...

Thank You Autie ! She is so cute and Leah is just precious!! I Love You !
Love Mom

Ann W said...

Dan and I were just talking about how you get her to spit things out on command! Emmaline finally got ahold of some cat food this morning. Luckily, last night she started mimicking me when I'd open my mouth and say "ahh". After I got her to do that, I asked her if mommy could have her food and she took it out and handed it to me. (Luckily she just started actually handing stuff to us today instead of holding it out and pulling it back.)

Olivia Carter said...

Aw.... that's so cute!