Monday, August 30, 2010

First day jitters...

Today was the first day of school! I'm homeschooling Leah this year (she's in 2nd grade) but Davis wanted to go to "regular kindergarten", as he put it. He has been soooo excited for his first day but this morning his nerves got the best of him. We found out on the way to the bus stop that our neighbors who will normally be riding the bus weren't today. He got a little panicked and said, "I won't know anyone!?" Then when it was his turn to get on the bus he started crying and said, "Where will I sit?". Instead of forcing him on and risking a complete melt down on the way there, I decided to just drive him.
When we got to school it was kinda crazy and I didn't know which classroom was his. As we were walking around looking for it he said, "I changed my mind, I don't want to go to school today." Which just made me laugh since he practically begged to go. Anyways, when we found his classroom he asked me to stay but I think he liked it a lot when we walked in and cute little Halle Peterson from the ward waved to him and said, "Hi Davis!". She was sitting next to Andrew, also from the ward, so Davis sat down at their table. I asked them all about their backpacks, which they were very excited to chat about, and Davis warmed up quickly. I told him to tell me when I could leave and he said, "Right before the end." He wanted me to stay the whole time! LOL But right about that time the teacher said it was time for the parents to leave and Davis said I could go. He gave me a high-five and a half-smile and I was certain he'd do great.

Walking home from the bus stop I asked him about school and he said,
"I like it. It was fun. I made new friends. I played on the playground."
He's a gem :)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful Pictures Autumn!! I am glad Davis liked regular school and has friends there! Leah is so precious! I love you Autumn!

Anonymous said...

They are growing up TOO fast! :(