Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Today's my TWENTY-NINTH birthday!

My zodiac sign is Leo so I pretty much like/love a day that's all about me :)

Here are 29 random things about me:
1. I love music but I'm pretty much tone deaf when it comes to singing.
2. Favorite movies: Pride and Prejudice (the Keira Knightly version), Blue Crush, Casino Royale, The Holiday, Can't Buy Me Love and Star Trek.
3. Usually I'd rather just watch a favorite movie over again at home than go watch a movie I've never seen in the theaters.
4. I regularly forget where I put things. Even important things like my camera!
5. We've lived in our house for almost a year and several windows still don't have coverings of any sort. Who needs privacy?
6. I wish I was a mega-environmentalist. I'd love to live in a self-sustaining community. But if I moved there I'm not sure Jeff would follow so...
7. I'm a tomboy.
8. I love to play sports but I'm not really that good at any of them.
9. I don't follow professional sports but I enjoy watching them (mostly tennis) when they're on at somebody else's house.
10. We don't have cable TV. The other day somebody asked if we had TV yet? We don't have cable because we don't want cable. It's not like we're going to get it one day and we just haven't yet. Is that really such a crazy idea??
11. Amber thinks I'm spunky. I tend to agree.
12. I know I'm a spaz, I just happen to like that about myself.
13. My favorite books are Pride and Prejudice, The Host, Eclipse from the Twilight Series, Ender's Game, Jane Eyre, The Goose Girl and The Truth About Forever.
14. I re-read books I like.
15. I'm a complete desert dweller. I don't mind the heat very much and I don't like to be cold.
16. I LOVED high school. When people say they hated it I can't relate at all!! Maybe that's why I still read young adult novels and (according to my sister) dress like a teenager.
17. I remember song lyrics. I have learned some awesome, life-changing things from songs.
18. I consider myself a convert. I vividly remember the first time I felt peaceful after praying and knew the gospel was true. I want nothing more than for my kids to gain that knowledge for themselves.
19. I like to change my hair A LOT but I wear jeans and a T-shirt everyday.
20. I love to swim. Sometimes when my hair is bleached I don't like to get it wet in a chlorinated pool but I still LOVE to swim.
21. I am not a consumer. I only like to buy things that I can use forever. It's impossible to get away from everything disposable but when I put my trash on the curb and the trash man picks it up I'm completely aware of the fact it doesn't just magically disappear.
22. I'm messy but I like to talk. See how those things relate!?
23. I've always wanted to homeschool. It's not that I want to keep my kids from the "bad influence" of public school but I want to let them develop a love for learning. There's so much inspiration in this world that kids don't get to see because they're stuck in a classroom all day. I'm going to finally do it next year!! Yay!
24. I'd rather TRY and not do something perfect than not ever TRY.
25. I like to eat healthy food. Healthy is such a relative term.
26. I think I'm funny. Jeff thinks I'm funny but just not as funny as him. I tend to not agree :p
27. I like to make babies but I don't really like being pregnant. Go figure.
28. I love, love LOVE bundt cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes. I get one for my birthday and then eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner until it's gone. It's not healthy but it's fun :)
29. President Obama shares a birthday with me, lucky him ;)

It's my birthday so I'm not going to do any housework today. Jeff is probably saying, "And that's different than yesterday because?" It's my birthday WEEK, haha :) Anyways, tonight Sara invited me out for a late frozen yogurt from Poppy's. Should be fun!


Anonymous said...

I Love You and all those things about you!! You are thee most patient mother!! And, you are really great at volleyball & swimming & softball-AllStars every year!! Happy Birthday Autie!
We Love You
Mom & Dad

Barb said...

Happy Birthday Autumn! Today Tia was asking about Leah and Autumn. She asked if you were still around and wanted to know why we didn't hang out. Good question! We will call you next week!

Jocie said...

happy birthday Autumn! I hope you have a great day (or week)! I have a card for you (with money ooo) but it is not in the mail yet. You might get it someday.

Emily B said...

I LOVE Can't Bye Me Love. I need to find it on DVD. I hope you had a fun birthday!