Tuesday, September 28, 2010

So many fun adventures in Boulder, UT Labor Day weekend!

I've always thought Grandma Peterson's house is a little like stepping back in time. She has some awesome antiques she still uses :) We were lucky that aunt Janice was there the first night. It was really good seeing her there too! The first day we were there we all picked green beans in the garden.

I love how Grandma can't just hold Whitney, she has to hold Whitney AND pick green beans. The whole time she wouldn't let anyone do anything for her. She's too independent for that haha.

We made sure Grandma told the kids stories of her life. She told them about a ranch horse they had that won a ton of races. And she told about how the road in front of their house had always been very sandy and her husband Emron got ran over but didn't get hurt because he just sank down into the sand!

The kids loved being outside, playing on the grass, climbing the tree, and swinging on the rope swing. The weather was just right.

We also hiked the Sugar Loaf which is a Peterson family tradition. Really, the Sugar Loaf is just a big rock you climb up the side of. It's a pretty tough climb with very little shade but the kids handled it amazingly. Well, that was after Davis tripped on a cactus haha. He was NOT happy about that. And then a little later he was being a little reckless and I had to warn him that it's only safe if you're being safe. We made it back without further incident :)

It's also tradition to carve your name into the rock. I took a picture of mine and Jeff's name from 2001, and Jeff added Davis & Leah's.

When we were preparing for our hike Grayson said he didn't want to go, it'd be too hard because he didn't have sticky toes haha. But on the last day, when we were looking for a geocache on the backside of the Sugar Loaf, Grayson was able to do that climb with us and kept saying, "I DO have sticky toes!". Love that kid.

Also, Grandma has this hummingbird feeder that is busy all the time! In the first picture I captured 5 birds feeding at the same time but I think the most I counted at once was 7! I was quite a sight.

The time we spent driving was also well spent. On the way home we listened to the entire third book in the Lemony Snicket series. The kids love those books and kept asking to keep listening, even when I wanted to take a break and listen to some music haha. It was good too!

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Anonymous said...

What wonderful pictures Autumn! Grammy Peterson looks wonderful! What an awesome opportunity for your family! Can you see her house in the pics from Sugar Loaf?
I love you!
Love Mom