Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My discipline would be so much more effective if I could stop laughing...

My day usually goes like this:
Me: Grayson, don't spill your drink.
Gray: But I want to.
Me: Grayson, don't hit the baby.
Gray: But I want to.
Me: Grayson, don't splash water out of the bathtub.
Gray: But I want to.
Me: Grayson, don't poop in your pants.
Gray: But I want to.
Me: Grayson, don't be so loud Whitney's sleeping.
Gray: But I want to.

He needs boot camp. If he didn't have such a cute face this "loving unconditionally" thing would be soooo much harder haha.


Emily B said...

Oh man. That is like watching a video of my son William. He is so defiant but so cute at the same time that it's hard to get mad at him.

Skye L. said...

oh my goodness, I love the face he makes after he tells you no the first time. He soo knows he's being naughty....and getting away with it!

Misty said...

Love that boy! Grace was watching the video with me and she just had to kiss him :)

Ruth said...

That just made my day. I love the dramatic conclusion.

Sommer said...

LOL! Hahahahaha! First of all, I am relieved to know I don't have the only child that "NO" flows off the tongue soooo easily! And I love how all of a sudden he can turn that proud little face into a sad and distraught face at the mere thought he might seriously have to get a spaken. These kids should be making us millionaires with thier acting talent! Thanks for sharing this!

walkintheclark said...

he is seriously too cute. thank you for sharing this video! it made my day!

Jana said...

LOL! If you would just understand that he WANTS to, life would be so much easier!!