Thursday, September 9, 2010

That was yesterday, this is today.

Really Grayson, really!?
Maybe I should ACTUALLY start spanking him, haha.


Anonymous said...

I hope when you watch this you are cracking up as much as I am!!
That Grayson is toooo cuteeee!! I love him!! Absolutely precious! He is The Mud Monster!! Love You Autumn!
Love MoM

janet said...

But he's the Mud Monster and he doesn't WANT to sit in time out! So cute.

Sommer said...

"Um, Yep. Um Nope! 'Cause I'm the Mud Monster." Too funny!

Jocie said...

Rome loves watching these. He also said, "he should go outside." Yea, yea he should. too funny!

Jana said...

HA!!!! At least you can laugh at it. :)

Michelle said...

hahaha i LOVE gray, aka "the mud monster"

Ruth said...

SOOOOO glad I watched to the end. Ha ha.

Autumn, when are you going to figure out that he is the boss and you should stop asking all these stupid questions?

Jeffrey said...

Dear Gray,
Thank you for not doing stuff like this when I am home.

Anonymous said...

I love him!