Monday, January 28, 2008

Adventures with Food :)

This Morning:

This is Grayson's preferred method of eating oatmeal:

I love this picture, he's so "busted" :) He got into his brother's oatmeal. The older kids keep forgetting how mobile he is!

It's a good thing he's so cute cause seriously, look at that MESS!! This is after I got him dressed for the day!

Last Night:
Davis wanted to pour water on his dinner, I told him that I don't think that'd be a good idea since it would make it yucky. This is the conversation that followed:
Davis: I like yucky things to eat.
Leah: Like banana peels?
Davis: Yeah.
Leah (under her breath and shaking her head): Disgusting.

This kind of stuff just makes me SMILE :)


Katie said...

I love Leah's reaction. The disgusted older sister.

As much as my kids love oatmeal, this was always the worst thing to clean off of Gabe. He always managed to get it in his hair.

Misty said...

Funny kids. I love them. Ern said your thinking of visiting me- I would LOVE it. I would QUIT my awful job to spend time with you!

Ruth said...

Autumn, I love your kids. Keep the stories coming!