Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I <3 Musicals

What happened to me!?! I used to be so edgy :) Okay, that's totally a joke but it does surprise me how much I've grown to love musicals in my old age. I'm happy to watch High School Musical on repeat, I thought Enchanted was totally adorable, and last night I stayed up late watching Hairspray! I was laughing out loud the whole movie!!!! I had heard from a few people that it wasn't that great so I hadn't rushed out to watch it but I totally loved it!!

A few of my favorite lines:
"Without that show I have nothing" "Having nothing builds character!"

"This is just so afro-tastic!"
"You don't call, you just disappear and now you're all mashed up against a crooner!"
"If you want animal dropping shaped german chocolates this store is for you"
"Oh no, your hair's deflated" "Let it. It was just a symbol of my conformity to the man."
"I can't sleep, I can't eat." "You can't eat? Well, come on in and worry with us. I'll make you some pork."

Leah and Davis liked it too, as well at HSM and Enchanted btw. Leah drew this picture in her notebook and told me "This is a picture of Tracy dancing". Does she have a future as an artist? I like to think so :)


Katie said...

I still need to watch Hairspray! I heart musicals too, but you probably already knew that :o)

Autumn said...

Yeah, that's no surprise :) I don't know why a lot of people who love musicals didn't rush out and see this one, it's pretty hilarious :) I can't stand John Travolta dressed up as a woman but the lead girl is REALLY good so that makes up for it :)

Jennifer P. said...

I thought the new hairspray was much better than the old John Waters' one. And 50's musicals with Doris Day are the best--not that you were asking me :).

Anyway, thanks by stopping by my home site. I posted the answer to your question about the brick in the same comment section that you left it in. That way, if anyone else is wondering how to do it--I won't have to type instructions twice (can't you tell I hate typing--I do so little of it. Ha! Ha!)

Have a great weekend and feel free to stop in anytime. I have a special place in my heart for people from Las Vegas--all the glitz and glamour and Frank Sinatra and such!

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