Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Leah experienced the pinnacle of girly experiences today... her Grandma Cindy took her shopping at the mall!! They returned with a new dress, matching hair tie, two necklaces and Disney princess rings. Man she's spoiled :) Her Grandma said she asked her if she'd ever been to the mall to which Leah replied "I don't think my mom knows where it is", ha ha. Upon returning Leah was excited to show me her new dress and tell me they rode the stairs that move all by themselves :) Oh, it is love :)


Jennifer said...

How funny!

Crystal said...

Hey autumn,
I am glad you found our blog, Well I should say my blog, Jason thinks they are stupid of course, although I do catch him looking at our friends blogs every now and then! How are you? Your kids are so cute. Crazy that we have 5 year old kids now! I feel old!