Thursday, January 31, 2008

Eczema Update

Davis' eczema looks great! To me anyways. He still has dry patches on his feet that he will occasionally scratch but it's totally manageable even without moisturizing. I'm excited for him to have this relief since he was so miserable before. I can't tell you what has "worked" in alleviating his rash but I do believe the biggest change has been getting rid of our cat! At exactly the same time our beloved cat Dirt McGirt went to live with my sister we "fell off the diet wagon" as they say :) We all enjoyed our holidays by not being so strict in our food choices and yet Davis' skin continued to improve! If removing the cat dander from our house is all it takes for him to have healthy skin I will be ecstatic!! Especially since we continue to eat poorly :( Grayson's skin never really responded to the elimination diet and his rash has lessened slightly but continues to come and go. On a "bad day" his neck is covered with red puffy areas that itch and the skin on his cheeks crack like river beds, even when moisturized. He's a happy baby none the less and I'm optimistic that as we continue to remove the lingering cat dander from our house and try a few different homeopathic remedies we'll be able to "desensitize" his system. It's a work in progress for sure.

Here are a few pictures of Grayson being cute :) He pulls himself up to standing now!

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