Friday, January 11, 2008

Old School

These are 5 of my fondest memories of Leah, the 5 year old:

5. Leah was super great at mimicking us and would remember everything, especially if it was set to a tune. She was about 18 months when she could sing "A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes" from Cinderella without me ever having taught her.
4. She has always been rather timid and if she doesn't want to do something there's nothing you can do to make her. Her great-grandma "GG" once said "Leah has always known who she is" which I think is a great compliment!
3. When Davis was born she instantly loved him. Right after he was born, while he was being weighed, she kept telling everyone "that's baby Davis, that's baby Davis" over and over.
2. She's always been quite content to play by herself, even when she was a toddler. I'd be busy in another room and when I'd go check on her she'd have her ponies and figurines spread out on the floor in pairs since they were "friends". She still enjoys her alone time even though she has her brother now.
1. Leah was born during the first week of my last semester of college. My fondest memory is trying to study organic chemistry while nursing her. It was hard to focus she was so darn cute!


Jennifer said...

That is such a cute idea. I'm going to still this when Max turns 5!

Crystal said...

oh my gosh! you HAVE to get rid of the picture with me in it! I look like a flippin moron! and supper chubbed out! Overalls??? What in the h@!! was I thinking!

Crystal said...

You really don't have to delete that pic, if anyone asks, you don't know who that grease ball is!

Autumn said...

LOL, I thought you looked good :) I look like a dork with pig tails!

Katie said...

Nice post.