Friday, January 18, 2008

Bedtimes and Bribery

For some reason Davis hasn't wanted to sleep in his bed at bedtime.
Mom: "Davis it's time to go get in your bed."
Davis: "How about this, you let me sleep right here (pointing to the hallway) and I'll let you get me a drink! How about that!?!"
LOL! Genius!
There's usually a battle of wits at bedtime and he ends up in his bed only to come into our room at some point in the night. Not to mention the one night I did let him sleep in the hallway fully intending on putting him in his bed when he was asleep but every time I got out of bed Gray woke up and I was afraid he'd crawl off the bed if I left. I felt a little bad, did I mention our hallway is cold, hard tile? Yeah, I know, bad mommy. This story only gets worse. In a moment of desperation a few nights ago I bribed my children with $1 toys to stay in their beds all night.
The Deal: They got to snuggle with their toys in their beds but if they came into my room during the night I had to take them away.
It worked...for one night, but for that one night I slept amazing. Well, amazing might be overstating it a bit, I do have an 8 month old in the bed with me who insists on nursing all night, but I slept better :) Well, the next night Davis comes into my room around 3 am and we converse:
Davis: "Can I snuggle with you?"
Mom: "I'll have to take away your toy"
Davis: "I want you to."
I have no answer, he wins, we snuggle, I take the toy back, he still loves me. **sigh**


Misty said...

Sometimes the bribery works with Abby- we put a sticker on the cahrt. If she comes in (and we are coherent enough) we'll tell her she won't get a sticker, and she'll say something like- I don't want it anyway. But she does get excited to get the sticker IF she sticks it out!

Ruth said...

Lol. I love it. "I want you to." I don't really know Davis too well, but I can totally imagine him saying it.

BTW: I admit Jacob is okay and has some good characteristics, but I still have to stick with Edward. :)

Naila said...

I have bedtime battles myself. I don't know what to do. Sometimes you take away things only for them to say sure why not. Then your all out of options. Now if I can just get passed Nathan sleeping without asking me or his dad to "mimi" aka sleep with him for "5 minutes"

Sometimes we just can't refuse our children. Its love...i suppose!