Saturday, June 20, 2009

33 weeks!

Every week is a small accomplishment :)

This morning the house seemed full!  With all the kids, my mom and Jeff it was busy.  But then Jeff took Leah & Davis to Up (the movie) while the McKnight's watched Grayson.  I rested on the couch listening to the hustle and bustle of my mom cleaning the kitchen.  It was nice :)

This evening my dad came into town too!  Right now the whole fam is over at Janae's swimming.  It's weird being left behind since I never would have voluntarily stayed home from such an outing.  I'm just here resting, doctor's orders.

It funny having constant access to the internet.  I look EVERYTHING up.  Today I googled the prescription they gave me and found out that all the "symptoms" I've been having can be possible side-effects of it.  Good to know I'm not crazy!


Jocie said...

Yes, too much internet access can cause craziness. Beware!

Katie said...

I was watching that new sextuplets show the other day (it's in Havasu!) and when the woman was on bedrest it made me think of you. She was talking about how weird the medicine they gave her made her feel.

Autumn said...

I have constant internet access but I don't have cable. I didn't even know there was a new sextuplets show! Now I'll have to google it ;)

Ashley said...

Yeah, I was watching that show too and she had magnesium and had the same groggy type feeling you had. I've decided I never want to be on bed rest, even though it'd be nice for a couple of days.