Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bed Rest- Day 13

Good News: Leah & Davis came home!!  
Bad News: Jeff and my mom decided Grayson would stay at Meema's since he's so much more work.  We all miss him SOOOOOO much!!

Good News: A very thoughtful patient of Jeff's brought in a diaper cake for us:
I'm always very surprised when people I don't know send gifts for the baby.  It renews my faith in humanity :)
Bad News:  My PUPP rash was horrible over the weekend!  So itchy and uncomfortable.  I looked up some natural remedies online and hopefully they'll relieve at least some of the itch.

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Jocie said...

Aww so cute! Random gifts are just the best. I hope that your rash feels better too. I cannot stand being itchy.