Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bed Rest- Day 1

By my bed I have my cell phone, home phone, two cups of ice water, my meds and my laptop.  I'm pretty much set.   Rachel is supposed to bring me some food later and my mom is supposed to come today to stay with me for a few days.  It's weird not being able to take care of yourself but I'm thankful to have people around me willing to help.  

It's also weird being on a prescription.  It makes my hands shake, this was one of the side-effects they warned me about, but I wonder if other things I'm experiencing are because of the meds too.  I'm in bed, not really doing anything, but I'm so hot.  I had to turn the a/c to 76 degrees just to feel kinda cool!  And then last night I had a headache.  That could be a combination of the meds and having to lay down so much.  

This experience is hard on the kids too.  Grayson slept at his Grandma Cindy's again last night.  The older kids stayed here and then she came  and picked them up in the morning once they got up.  Jeff had to leave for work at 6:30am so I guess the plan was to let them sleep in.  It makes it harder on me to have them here where I can't really do anything to help them like they're used to.  This is he most stressful on Davis.  He woke up about 8am and he cried twice before Cindy picked them up around 9am.  He was very distraught that I couldn't get up and make him breakfast, and that his dad hadn't made anything for him before he left.  We remedied the situation by him bringing me some canned peaches and the can opener.  After that he was content to sit on the bed, eat his peaches and watch Scooby Doo on my laptop.  He's still really surprised when I tell him I'm not supposed to get out of bed even though I've explained it several times.  Leah hasn't really minded at all.  When she got up this morning she got herself dressed and then came and watched Scooby Doo.  She didn't even ask for food.  Cindy was here not too long after that to get them so she took care of their breakfast.  

Poor Grayson though.  Last night he climbed up on the bed with me and wanted me to read him a book.  I kissed and hugged him all I could and then read him "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" twice.  It was very cute.  But then he got down and wanted me to come with him.  When I told him I couldn't get out of bed he started crying.  He wasn't even whining he was really upset :(  And then this morning I only saw him for a minute but he instantly started crying and asking me to get up.  Hopefully he's too young to remember all this.

The day went great.  I got a lot of calls from people asking what they can do to help and Monique brought over a "survival kit" filled with snacks and a gossip magazine.  I was home alone most of the day and I did notice more contractions in the evening.  I can't really believe how often I have to use the restroom too.  I guess I just never noticed before.

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