Tuesday, June 9, 2009

"There's always gonna be another mountain"

"I'm always gonna want to make it move"
- "The Climb" by Miley Cyrus

I'm back on the elimination diet bandwagon.  Oh me, oh my.

I recently had Grayson allergy tested again and he's MORE allergic to foods than he was before!  When he was a baby his IgE allergy blood tests came back negative to everything tested except peanuts.  And about 6 months ago his skin prick tests came back negative to everything tested as well (they didn't test peanuts though since we already knew he'd have a pretty bad reaction).  Well, his eczema was still REALLY bad so I'd tried elimination diets off and on based on the results of muscle testing and electrodermal screenings.  I realize now that when we were watching what he ate, and eliminating common allergens, his rash didn't get totally better but it didn't get worse either.  Well, recently I hadn't been eliminating any possible allergens from his diet and things got MUCH worse.    Let me tell you, when you're on a special diet and you can't eat anything "normal", people are.... um... less than accepting.  I'm not an infinitely patient person so I don't deal well with the comments like "can't you just put a cream on it?" or "milk is good for you, where else will you get your calicium?".  Recently I really had to bite my tounge when a person said "If it was me, I would just want to put the cream on it all the time".    Really, I have no tact, so I can't talk to people about how A LOT of these perscriptions have MAJOR long term side effects.  Okay, before I fully climb up on that soap box I'll go back to telling Grayson's story.

Anyways, we had two different blood tests done one showing anaphalaxic allergies (IgE) and the other showing food sensitivities (IgG).  I'd had the IgE blood test done when he was little and it showed his allergy to peanuts but now the IgE blood tests show full allergies to peanuts, milk and eggs.  In addition, the IgG allergy tests showed sensitivities to gluten, wheat, goat's milk, kidney beans, citrus, garlic, mustard, canola, almond and banana.  I also had him tested for chemical sensitivities and he's moderately reactive to Fluoride, which the good city of Las Vegas adds to the water supply, and Sodium Sulfite, which is used to preserve and process a lot of different foods.  So the additional foods he avoids because of this are processed corn products like cornstarch, processed potato products like french fries and potato starch, grape products like wine vinegars and juice- especially the white variety, shrimp and crab, processed coconut products, gelatin and pectin, as well as chocolate.  There were other chemicals he mildly reacted to as well but I won't bore you with the details ;)

So, I'm trying my best to learn this new diet and keep my sanity.  It will take a few months to see if it's working but I just have to stick with it!

I just want some relief for my poor itchy baby.


Jordan and Nikki Brown said...

I hope I was never COMPLETELY insensitive to people's allergy "mountains"! However, I COMPLETELY understand now that I've had Audrey, & hers is now quite manageable, so I can't nearly relate to the lifestyle changes you are making. So all I have to say is "Way to go!" You are an awesome mom & your kids are lucky you have persisted in finding them relief.

Ruth said...

Autumn, you are an awesome mom for caring more about your child's long-term health than going for a quick-fix now. You amaze me.