Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bed Rest- Day 2

My mom came last night, yay!  She and Leah made quite the little shopping team today.  They were gone most of the morning grocery shopping and picking up diapers.  When Leah got home she admitted she was tired from the excursion :)  

Davis & Grayson were able to spend the morning over at the Thompson's.  They love it over there and I'm sure they were sad to come home when it was time.  Grayson was much more accepting of my restrictions today.  He just climbs on the bed beside me and drinks my cold water, no more instant tears.  That makes me feel better.

I spent most of the day in bed (of course) watching movies on my laptop, checking people's blogs repeatedly, and scouring Facebook.  I did make a shopping list for my mom so that was kinda productive :)

In the evening Jeff was able to leave work a little early and take the kids over to a ward pot-luck where they could swim.  Seeing my kids swim is so funny.  Leah's a fish, Davis is scared to really swim with his face in the water and insists on wearing his floaties, and Grayson thinks he's training for the Olympics or something.  I'll have to get Jeff to video Gray, he's very serious about swimming.  He's constantly jumping in, doesn't mind his face in the water, and swims for a good 10 seconds before he tries to take a breath.  AND HE'S ONLY 2!  When I was younger I swam for the local swim team.  I was never the best but it was always fun for me.  Maybe one of my kids will think that too :)


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I'm sending my kids over to your house! Better get a good night's rest ;)

PS Davis loves knives, you might be kindred, LOL.