Friday, May 2, 2008

Creativity Abounds

Leah LOVES to color, draw and paint. She spends time everyday drawing shapes, coloring them and then cutting them out. She's pretty talented if you ask me, but don't ask me I'm biased :) I'm especially proud of her latest drawing:
She explained it as this: "It's Davis surfing and a shark is going to bite him. A shark with a teeny tiny baby shark in it's tummy". Good job Leah, and don't forget the happy but slightly evil looking sun in the sky :)


Jeff said...

That's funny, she explained it to me as this: Davis represents that spirit of the Olympic games and the shark represents the Chinese government oppressing its own people and Tibet (along with Walmart-aka the baby shark) seeking world domination by choking the planet with environmentally hazardous substandard goods. So I said "Whatever Leah."

Ash said...

I like the explanation she gave Jeff.

Kari said...

Autumn! What has it been, like fifteen years? I loved looking around at your blog. Looks like you're in the same business I am--making neighbors wonder how so many kids can correspond to one woman. And I love my minivan, too.
Send me your email address and I'll invite you to my blog.

(Read with an Arnold Schwarzneger accent:)
I'll be back.


billisa said...

Leah is very talented & oh so cute! She is a doll & I love that she is so thoughtful too! (Hope you don't mind me adding you to my list..I just starting blogging and so I have to pretend I have friends!) Love your blog! Lisa