Saturday, May 24, 2008

He Walks

Sorry the video is so dark, I'm technologically challenged.

Things to notice:
1. His amazing walking skills.
2. The jabber, he talks all the time but mostly jibberish :)
3. The celebratory headbanging... I think I'm raising a rockstar!
4. The cutest profile ever at 22 seconds in!
5. He starts to fall at the end, his flailing arms are so funny to me :)


slimnsom said...

It is so crazy how small this world is! This is Sommer, Jeff's childhood friend. We met at Kadee's concert a few weeks back and I discovered your blog on a friend of a friend's. Tell Jeff I said hello! Your pictures are so cute!

Sommer Christoffersen

Jennifer said...

Good job Grayson! What a cutie!