Monday, May 5, 2008

My Boys

No, not Davis and Grayson...the Moffat boys. We just finished babysitting/housesitting the Moffat boys and it was a fun-filled four days. I miss them already! Jacob and Andrew are by far my favorite 11 & 1o year olds and Tyler told me my hair looked pretty so he gets bonus points for that :)
Here are some reasons why I consider our time there a success:
- We laughed a lot and according to Andrew I will probably die because I laugh too much :)
- Jacob and Leah shared in their common love of drawing/coloring.
- We set off dry-ice bombs on the basketball court and nobody was hurt or arrested.
- Everybody loved my cooking (well, they loved it when I brought home Cafe Rio :).
- After endless bean bag fights, rounds of hide-and-go-seek and jumping on the trampoline everyone had no trouble going to bed each night.
- We were only 15 minutes late to church.
- I didn't kill Tyler for making us 15 minutes late to church.

My favorite memory:
Autumn, Leah, Andrew and Jacob are outside jumping on the trampoline. Andrew climbs on the wall the easy way and jumps onto the trampoline.
Andrew: "Autumn, I bet you can't do that."
Autumn climbs on the wall the hard way to prove how tough she is and sits down on the ledge.
Autumn: "I don't want to jump on the trampoline from here I just wanted to climb up."
Andrew: "What are ya chicken?"
Autumn: "Andrew, I'm an adult I don't give in to peer pressure."
Andrew bocks like a chicken.
Leah: "My mom can't jump on the trampoline, she's too big. If she jumps on it it will break!"
Everyone laughs out loud.
And Scene.

See why I love them so much!? Until next time guys :)


rachel said...

haha sounds like you had fun. i do love trampolines.

Jennifer said...

No fair having so much fun while getting paid! Only you Autumn could have that much fun babysitting!

Josh and Kristen Family said...

I am glad you found us! I have looked for you blog before, (Kim Bayne said you have one) but all I found is your myspace. Your kids are skinking cute and it's good to see that Mac is still alive in Cedar City. Kristen
PS Can I send my boys to you, to get tended next weekend?

I am Keri. said...

Dude! I don't go to your blog for a week and all of a sudden there's, like, 8500 new posts! Lot's of time on your hands? ;) Hope you're feeling better.

Autumn said...

Oh yeah, I forgot. I wanted to blog about this conversation so I can remember if forever :)

The first day we were there Andrew said, shaking his head, "Can you believe our parents left us here with you, we're their children."
Of course I then said, "I'm a great caretaker!"
Andrew then looked shocked and said, "Who said that?"
I laughed but I think he was serious. Whatever :)