Thursday, May 22, 2008

Father & Sons

Last weekend Jeff took Davis to the Father & Sons overnighter. Davis was so excited he talked about camping all week. I kept telling him how many more days and he kept telling me "It's taking a long time!". Last year was the first year they went and Leah and I started a tradition too: Girl's night out to Coldstone Creamery after they leave :) This year, after we got our ice cream, we came home and colored together. Grayson had already gone to bed and Leah and I made a butterfly and a caterpillar. Leah said "This is the best day ever" which made me happy :) Jeff and Davis came home around 10 or 11 in the morning so us girls didn't have too much time to ourselves on Saturday.
Here's a summary of Jeff's account of the trip:
By the time they drove out to the dry lake beds it was really dark and you could see the moon and stars really well which Davis loved. They rode a 4-wheeler over to a neighboring camp where Jeff's brother and his kid were camping with their ward. At first Davis was scared to ride it but after he got on and they started driving fast he was happy and cheering :) They came back to their camp and made their bed in the back of the truck. Davis isn't a very good sleeper so he kept Jeff up all night! In the morning they ate breakfast. When it was about time to leave Jeff was pouring the water from the ice chests and Davis had a great time stepping in the mud puddle and was fascinated that the clay really stuck to his shoes!!
If you enlarge the picture you'll be amazed how much mud is stuck to his shoes!!
When they got home Davis was excited to tell me the ground had "cacks" and he used his finger to make them go away. Then for the next few days he kept saying to me "Do you know where camping is? Daddy knows. It's just for boys."


Jennifer said...

Davis looks so cute and very happy in the back of the truck.
The mud on his shoes is a crack up!
It sounds like you all had a good night!

billisa said...

What a cute boy! James came home just as dirty & with a lot of stories. Can you believe they lit a tennis ball on fire? I told James maybe he shouldn't tell me what they did. Jeff is such a good dad & my boys thank him for the water balloon launcher!