Friday, May 30, 2008

"World Spins Madly On"

I hate when I do something I don't want to do but I think my kids want it and then they pout the whole time. What am I talking about? Donuts. Last night out of the blue Davis starts saying he wants donuts so I tell him that we can get some in the morning even though I don't really want my anyone in my family to eat them since they're entirely devoid of nutrition (I'm crunchy I know, people tell me all the time). Well, Davis cried all morning but straightened up just in time to "earn" his donut but then once they ate their donuts Leah cried because she wanted two! And then once they got home they were both cranky and arguing incessantly. I sat down at the computer in hopes of distracting myself and good thing did not disappoint! Entertainment Weekly posted a snippet of the first chapter of Breaking Dawn, it's excruciatingly short but after the morning I've had I'll take it :)

One cute thing this morning: In hopes of changing their moods I helped the kids build a fort in the living room (okay it's really a few kitchen chairs with a blanket draped over them) and after it was built Leah said, "Now we have to decorate it". That moment of girlishness made me smile :)

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Jana said...

Yeah, so many times I've tried to tell Emma, "I wanted to be a great mom and do this fun thing for you and with you and you are totally RUINING it by whining about it!!" Well you get good mom points for trying....